Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Create using wallet size photos

Unless you carry photos in your wallet, you may not see a use for wallet size photos.

I had ordered 12 monthly photos from Costco of my daughter for her first year baby book. With 3 extra wallet size photos, here are some ideas on how to use them!

Photo Notecards A fresh idea for notes to friends and family is to use your photos as the greeting! If you are mailing a photo to a loved one, it is so much nicer to see the photo highlighted on the front, rather than shoved inside the card. A nice idea if you have just come back from visiting a friend, is to send a thank you note with a picture of a sunset taken from your friend's back porch or capture their beloved pet curled up snoozing. What a great surprise, they can prop up and display, or remove the photo and tuck in an album.

1. Buy a pack of plain greeting cards at a craft store, they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

2. Place clear photo corners on each corner of the photo.

3. Center the photo on the front of your card. If you are feeling crafty, you can embellish the card with stamps, paint, glitter, whatever your whimsy.

Photo Blocks
My husband cut me some 1 inch blocks out of some scrap wood he had in his workshop. I lightly sanded them, painted a layer of acrylic paint, then when they were dry, I added photos and other images, to each of the six sides.

Cut the image into 4 equal parts, it's okay if it overlays the edges a little. Apply firmly with mod podge, ensuring there are no air pockets and let dry. Then take a nail file and burnish the edges, this will prevent it from lifting off the block. After you have applied images (in addition to photos, I used favorite greeting cards, pictures from magazines and stamped words), go over it with a coat of lacquer or watered down mod podge. (I learned the hard way that full strength mod podge went on too thick).

My daughter loves playing with these blocks, looking at the images and matching the sides. Photo blocks also make great gifts!

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  1. GREAT job on the new blog, Steph! I love the block, idea! VERY cute! Keep em coming crafty friend!