Friday, October 19, 2012

Advent Scratch-Off Ornaments

This advent idea is fun because it is a scratch-off game for the kids! I am happy to share my free ornament template with 25 advent ideas, but I cannot upload the pdf file through Blogger. Send me a comment if you know how!

Scratch offs are usually metallic silver, but in this Christmas craft, they are metallic red, green & gold!

Metallic acrylic paints
Dish soap
Clear contact paper
Empty egg carton
Cardstock paper
Hole puncher
Paint brushes
Ornament hangers

Step one:
Print the ornament template out on cardstock.

Step two:
Cut contact paper squares and stick each one to cover the wording on the ornaments.

Step three:
Mix 1 part dish soap to 2 parts metallic paint in one of the spaces in the egg carton.

Step four:
Paint within the lines of each ornament. Paint 3-4 coats until completely covered. (Use a hair dryer on a low setting to speed drying time between each coat.)

Step five:
Have fun decorating each ornament with any of your metallic paints that have been mixed with the dish soap!

Step six:
Hole punch the top of each ornament, you could also secure it with a brad.

Step seven:
Attach a ribbon and/or ornament hanger and hang them on a Christmas tree, wreath or garland. Get the coins ready for scratch-off and lots of Christmas fun!