Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fabric Painted Cork Board

Okay, so I love Pinterest! I got into it when I was on bedrest in the last weeks of my pregnancy. It helped pass many an hour. I digress.

One idea I loved was a saying spray painted on canvas over vinyl letters. For my project I used a cork board (much cheaper than a canvas of the same size and may serve more purposes) with acrylic paint. Here's how I did it.

1-Remove the cork from the frame. Paint the frame in your desired color. Spray with a sealant.

2-Cover the cork board in your fabric, staple it to the back around the edges.

3-Position your letters on the fabric as desired. I don't have a cricut machine so I bought a pack of vinyl letters from Walmart for about $5. You could also print your letters in the desired font onto paper and trace each one onto contact paper and stick on to the fabric or trace onto freezer paper and iron onto the fabric.

4-I used pink with white acrylic paint and swept it on with a large brush for a dimensional look.

5-When dry, remove the letters and reassemble into the frame.

I chose a portion of Romans 12:12 and hung it in my girls room. The cork board project could also be cute with your child's name, and favorite pictures pinned to it.

Other ideas using this technique could be on a mirror using chalkboard paint or glow in the dark paint on a surface in your kid's room. The ideas are endless!

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