Monday, June 18, 2012

Fairy Garden

We created a fairy garden for my girls in an existing flower bed. It's a very inexpensive and sweet project that you and your kids can add to over time. We recruited the grandparents to make it especially memorable. I started by gathering anything I thought we could use and spread them out on a towel outside, for my daughter to explore. We also hunted around the yard for interesting sticks and rocks. What is in our fairy garden?

1-At the base of the tree is a birdhouse from dollar tree that my two year old painted and I sealed.

2-Tiles from an old bathroom remodel serve as a winding road through the village.

3-Decorative blue stones & marbles add to the landscape; items I already had.

4-A defunct two-story birdhouse I got from Hobby Lobby several years back. Wrapped in whimsical garland, it is also surrounding the base of the tree.

5-An old crystal belt winds through the garden as a sort of railroad track.

6-Unique looking sticks we gathered from the yard are planted periodically.

7-A sweet neighbor bought a few items for the girls from Blue Moon Gardens in Edom, TX (the metal bridge, tool shed & a bike leaning against the stick by the hand painted birdhouse).

8-The platforms outside the homes are the reverse sides of dominos that I stamped with leaf patterns and sealed.

9-I bought a few succulents to line the path and have a 'resurrection plant' in the pond that can live without water as needed.

10-A few pieces of a favorite broken teacup are also scattered in the garden, along with a miniature watering can, a chair and a gazing ball that I already had.

You'll be amazed at how many things you have that can add a bit of whimsy to your fairy garden! Pieces from a doll house, seashells, buttons, glass gems, glitter, tiles, old compact mirrors, etc. There were even a couple of books at my local library on how to build fairy garden furniture from sticks-let your imagination run wild!

Our next addition to the garden will be a miniature clothesline & perhaps another fairy house made with a button roof and glitter, lots of glitter...


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    1. Thanks Melissa! I appreciate you saying that-it was fun to do. :)